About us

Digital Jump is a producer of dynamic TV commercials, website video and streaming internet content, video and broadcast programming.

The firm was founded in 1994 on a solid platform of content creation and production skills – program development and management, script writing, full studio and on-location production including directing, talent, sets and props, cameras, audio, lighting and grip, and post-production on-line graphics and editing – in other words, everything needed to bring a visual project from concept to audience delivery.

Our team includes an executive producer, line producer, writers, DPs, on-line broadcast editors, and technical support. Our facilities include Sony 4K camera equipment and three on-line HD edit systems.

Our credit list includes more than 2,000 local and national TV and website commercials for auto dealerships, law firms, retailers and service organizations. In addition, we have completed over 500 documentary, news and reality program projects for Animal Planet/Discovery Nets, USA Networks, Walt Disney, PBS, and programs nationally syndicated on CBS, ABC, and NBC network affiliated stations.

The company was founded by former national network TV executive producer and news anchor Rhett Banning, with 24 years of credits in media content production. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television & Radio Artists